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This Sunday we'll be moving away from our usual throng of writers to bring you Radix!

It's happening again! OWO What`s dis goes into the second round!

We invite you to the big crazy music show of the year!

After a small hiatus and a few connectivity issues we're back with the South African artist and graphic designer: Danelle Malan!

This Sunday we have the pleasure of having Tempo and Slate on to talk about their respective projects!

This Sunday we have a talented Furry book author as our guest! - Nathan Hopp!

Diesen Freitag starten wir durch mit einer neuen Episode von unserem Furry Talk!

Wir haben das Grauen für euch ausgegraben! Freut euch drauf, denn es wird "Katztastrophal"!

Eine Premiere hier bei Furry.FM: Wir moderieren einen ganzen Tag für euch NON-Stop in unterschiedlichen Shows!

Freunde der Spielszene aufgepasst! Diesen Freitag gibt es eine neue Episode von «The Gamers Life»!

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  • Furry FM! Rock is an official swiss registred radio Station for the german and english furry community. Enjoy great Shows and Music! Furry FM is a part of the Furmania Entertainment Group.